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Red Insight has been helping residential, soho and small businesses succeed in the north west metro area since 2005.

Our Services

We have been providing excellent service for over 18 years.

residential service

We repair computer desktops, laptops, portables and other devices. Bring it to us, we can pick it up, or fix it onsite. Whatever your service choice our experienced staff will get it fixed for you.

Small Business/SoHO Service

In addition to making sure you have well maintained workstations, servers and networks, we are also here to help you make the most informed decisions you can on your technological future.

Remote Support Service

Your day is going well and then bam!, something goes wrong or you just have a question on how to do something. With our remote support you don't need to block aside long swaths of time to take care of simple problems. Just let us know you need some help and we'll be there as fast as the Internet can take us.


Do you have something you are trying to acccomplish and no idea where to start? Contact us and one of our advisors will help you from start to finish, and be as hands on or off as you would like.

Break/Fix Support service

Need some help from time to time? You don't have technical issues, ok maybe that one time. Our experienced expert staff will help you get back up and running as quickly as possilble.

Managed services support

If you like to keep things planned out, you know costs and the bumps that invariably occur in the technical world that really don't help you focus on your business. Then allow us to even out the road and keep things running smoothly and proactively with a monthly service support contract.

Business Hours

Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday 9AM through 6PM.

Weekends by appointment.


Question, advice, or anything else call or email us.


13085 W 85th Pl
Arvada, CO 80005